RECORDED WEBINAR - Thursday, September 26, 10-11am PT / 1-2pm ET

How to Build Thought Leadership as a Podcaster (Even if You Think You’re Not Qualified Enough)

Thought leadership is a skill that all podcasters and audio creators have the potential to hone. This webinar will teach you how to position your podcast so you can become known for your unique story, perspectives, and the value you bring. 

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About this webinar

  • Thursday, September 26th
  • 10-11am PT / 1-2pm ET
  • 60 min
  • Free for AIR members / 
    $25 non-members
  • This webinar is recorded and made available for AIR members and ticket holders after the recording. 
What if your thought leadership wasn’t predicated on the prestige of your credentials, but is instead based on whether you build a compelling body of work with those brilliant ideas, thoughts, and stories of yours? In this session, learn how to position your podcast so you can become known for your unique story, perspectives, and the value you bring. 

Leave knowing precisely what tweaks and changes to make to your podcast content strategy so your audience prioritizes listening to your show week after week and recognizes you as the go-to resource in the field. Even if you experience self-doubt or imposter syndrome, building thought leadership is a skill that all podcasters and creators have the potential to hone - And guess what? You can start building thought leadership as early as your next podcast episode.

Key Takeaways

  • Prompts to get clear on what you want to become known for and how you want to build your body of work around it 
  • The 4 types of content to regularly create on your show to help your listeners recognize you as the go-to in your field 
  • Create a system to measure whether you’re adding value in each episode and ensure that your content meets your own standards of excellence

Who is this webinar for? 

This webinar is for beginner or intermediate podcasters and audio creators building a personal brand who want to stand out in their niche/industry by leveraging their podcasts and content. This webinar is focused on the content strategy aspects of growing your podcast.

Cheryl Lau

Cheryl Lau is the coach for aspiring thought leaders and the host of The Thought Leader Club Podcast (previously known as The Side Hustle Club Podcast). She believes that sharing your story, becoming known for your thought leadership, and building a body of work (especially as a podcaster) is the foundation for creating your own version of a successful life, career, and business. Cheryl has quit two prestigious career paths (law school and PhD/academia) to pave her own entrepreneurial career, and understands what it’s like to go from being the Asian parent’s disappointment, to now forging a career that makes both you and your parents proud. Her podcast was also the recipient of the 2023 Golden Crane Award (from the Asian American Podcasters Association) and has spoken on global stages such as Podfest Asia 2024. 
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