Sonic Sketchbooks: Artful Sound Design Through Observation, Experimentation, and Play

This recorded webinar shares techniques for honing your senses, tools beyond audio recording for documenting your surroundings, and ways to translate those observations into rich sonic worlds.

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About this recoded webinar

Every artistic practice has fundamentals that attune the senses, the hands, and the mind to the mechanics of the art form. Visual artists might train the relationship between their hands and their eyes by drawing from life, or sensitize themselves to the nuances of light with color studies. What might be the equivalent for audiomakers? How might we develop intuitive, playful, and flexible relationships to sound while still honing the discipline and technical skill we need to execute our ideas?
This recorded webinar shares lessons from the fundamental practices of other artforms, provide prompts for playful sonic experimentation, and suggest ways to integrate intuition and discipline when building audio projects. 

While specifically aimed at the processes of sound-design and post-production, many of these strategies can be applied to the earlier stages of conceptual development and story structure within audio projects. 
This webinar is open to all experience levels and requires no specific technical expertise other than a working knowledge of any DAW. Instructional examples may be shown in REAPER, but the techniques and principles can be applied to any workflow. 
Meet the host

Ariana Martinez

Ariana Martinez is a multimedia artist, radio documentarian, and sound designer. In their personal work, Ariana is interested in sensations of placeless-ness, disorientation, and the  inventive place-making that emerges from spatial and cultural fragmentation. Ariana has created radio feature stories for BBC 4’s Short Cuts, BBC 3’s Between the Ears, and KCRW’s The Organist. They were the sound designer and engineer for Brain on Nature, which was named one of the “Best Podcasts of 2019” by the Financial Times. Ariana has also contributed their skills to Transcripts (a podcast for the Tretter Transgender Oral History Project), Netflix’s Prism: Tales of Your City, and to various forthcoming longform-narrative projects. Ariana’s work has appeared at HearSay Festival, LUCIA Festival, Open City Documentary Festival, and The Barbican Cultural Centre’s Soundhouse. In their spare time, Ariana is a dedicated pen pal, graphic novel reader, and tiny collage maker.
Patrick Jones - Course author