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Ronald Young Jr.: Private Session (60 mins)

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Session Details

  • 60 minute mentorship session via phone call or video
  • RYJ is available Friday afternoons at 2pm
  • Payment plans available for members and non-members
Ronald is an enthusiastic mentor ready to share his strategies for success with you. He’s the perfect coach for getting started as a freelancer, networking in the audio industry and guide for helping those learn new skills without a classroom. A professional connector, Ronald can teach you how to network, from sliding into DMs, cold calling strangers, creating opportunities to work and how to use those skills to build community. He’s an experienced freelancer who can guide you through dealing with difficult clients and negotiating getting paid fair rates in the audio industry. Ronald is also a cheerleader for being a self-taught self starter. He can show you how to use free tools on the internet (YouTube) to learn what you need to know on the fly and for creating projects that help you learn as you go. 

About Ronald

Ronald Young Jr. is a critically acclaimed audio producer, host, and storyteller, based in Alexandria, VA. He is an avid pop-culture enthusiast and the host of the television and film review podcast Leaving the Theater. He is also a regular contributor to NPR’s Pop Culture Happy Hour as a guest panelist. He has hosted shows such as Pushkin’s Solvable and HBO Docs Club, from Pineapple Street Studios. Selected as Vulture Magazine podcaster to watch, 2023 Ronald is currently developing new series’ both scripted and narrative that seek to unpack the human experience. His newest show Weight For It, launching in August 2023, looks to tell the vulnerable stories of folks who think about their weight constantly in a fatphobic world.
He is passionate about social justice and equity and recently helped to tell historical and present accounts of black folks throughout American history with his work on Seizing Freedom from VPM, Black History Year from Pushblack, and the forthcoming untitled Eunice Carter project from Novel Audio. 
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