SOUNDPATH PANEL: Thursday, June 27th at 2pm ET / 11am PT

What I Wish I Knew:  Podcasting Advice for Early Career Creators

Getting started as an audio maker involves a lot of trial and error, figuring out what works as you build your craft and your career. This webinar will feature the hard-earned advice of veteran audio creators, as they reflect on their beginnings and give insight into how to succeed as an entry-level creator.
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Key Takeaways

  • Some nuggets of wisdom from the elder generation of podcasters / audio creators
  • A sense that we have been in difficult industry moments before and creators will prevail (context for the current moment.)
  • An opening for a larger conversation between industry veterans and early career folks. This will kick off our first series of Cross-Generation Skill Shares and will hopefully open the door for more of the same.

About this panel

  • Thursday, June 27th, 2024
  • 11am - 12:15pm PT 
    2 - 3:15pm ET
  • 75 min
  • FREE
  • This webinar is recorded and made available for AIR members and ticket holders after the recording. 
Getting started as an audio maker involves a lot of trial and error, figuring out what works as you build your craft and career. This panel will feature hard-earned advice from veteran audio creators as they reflect on their beginnings and lessons learned from both wins and missteps. 

Moderated by Sara McCrea, producer and founder of the Early Career Audio Collective, the panel will allow listeners to gain candid insights from three editors and producers with exceptional audio experience: Catherine Saint-Louis, Ari Saperstein, and Ann Marie Awad. 

Motivated by knowledge sharing, these three creators will delve into what they wish they had known at the beginning of their careers regarding craft, finding work and making connections, and professional decision-making. This panel is for anyone starting out in the audio world or for those further along in their careers who are seeking guidance.

Who is this panel for?

Early career audio creators or professionals of any stage who are interested in cross-generational knowledge sharing. 
Meet the Moderator

Sara McCrea

Sara McCrea is the founder of the Early Career Audio Collective, and she is an independent producer, writer, and researcher. She has recently created podcasts and original audiobooks for companies including Pushkin Industries, TED Audio Collective, and Audible on topics ranging from Paul McCartney's lyrics to AI ethics. Trained in journalism and the history of ideas, Sara reports stories and crafts interviews that examine our relationships with one another and with our nonhuman environments. She is a researcher and creative producer at the Institute for Climate Sound and Society, and her personal audio work is currently supported by the Inevitable Foundation's Elevate Collective. Sara is from Boulder, Colorado and lives in Brooklyn, New York.
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Meet the panelist

Catherine Saint-Louis

Catherine Saint Louis is executive editor of podcasts at SONY MUSIC ENTERTAINMENT. She is the EP for several shows on the Binge, SONY's subscription for limited- run true crime podcasts. She was part of the team that made My Friend, the Serial Killer out now. In the past year, she has edited My Fugitive Dad, Betrayal on the Bayou, Hello John Doe, and helped edit Blood is Thicker. She started an Editors' Bootcamp to train people from underrepresented groups to become story editors. 
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Meet the Panelist

Ann Marie Awad

Ann Marie Awad is an independent journalist and podcast creator based in Denver, CO. They have nearly 15 years of experience in the news business, starting out in print feature writing. After attending journalism school at the Craig Newmark Graduate School of Journalism, they transitioned to working as a public radio host and reporter at stations in Pennsylvania, Louisiana and Colorado. In 2019, Awad created On Something, the award-winning podcast about life after cannabis legalization. Since then, they have been working independently as a producer, reporter, story editor and/or consultant on podcast projects. Clients include Audible, WAMU and SONOS.
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Meet the panelist

Ari Saperstein

Ari Saperstein is a multimedia journalist based in Los Angeles. He's worked as a staffed producer for audio companies like This American Life, KPCC/LAist and Pineapple Street Studios. Ari is the creator and host of the critically-acclaimed documentary podcast Blind Landing (Ambie Award Winner 2023, Best Indie Podcast). Outside of audio, Ari's writing has been featured in The New York Times, New York Magazine and The Wall Street Journal. He's been a finalist for the NAEJ Journalist Of The Year Award and the AIPS Young Reporter Award.
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