Let People Pay You: A Podcaster’s Guide to Patreon

A comprehensive presentation and links to supplementary resources on choosing Patreon benefits, designing audience surveys, and making effective calls-to-action.

Membership programs are incredibly effective for podcasters, allowing audiences of all sizes to support their favorite shows directly. Learn how to launch one, how to structure your tiers for maximum earning potential, and best practices for promoting your Patreon in this information-packed webinar!

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Who is this webinar intended for?

Independent creators and professional producers that want to launch or redesign their existing membership program. No prior knowledge is necessary! Whether you’re looking to assess whether a membership is a good idea for your employer, or you’re a podcaster looking for help designing and launching your Patreon, or you have a Patreon and would like to earn more and work less, this workshop will leave you with useful tools and actionable next steps.

Key Takeaways

  • Why and when to start a Patreon or other membership program 
  • How to structure your membership rewards effectively and sustainably
  • How to launch, promote, and discuss your membership with your audience

Amanda McLoughlin

Amanda McLoughlin is the CEO of Multitude, an independent podcast collective and production company. A digital creator since 2004 whose career started in finance and business services, she created Multitude in 2018 to support fellow creators in making a living on their own terms. She was named a Forbes 30 Under 30 Media honoree in 2021, and currently co-hosts two podcasts (Spirits and Join the Party) and Executive Produces several more. She leads the growing Multitude team as they push for a more transparent and sustainable creator economy.
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