Translating Print Pieces for Audio

From the incredible success of “The Daily” from the New York Times in 2018, a new genre of audio has emerged: podcasts based on print journalism. More and more newspapers are making podcasts because they realize the benefits that audio brings to their reporting. A print piece retranslated into audio offers the chance for stories to find a new life and new audiences. Audio enhances a story by bringing richness and depth. When done well, a podcast based off a print piece can be better than the print story itself.
Meet the host

Cheryl Brumley

Cheryl Brumley is the global head of audio at The Financial Times. She has worked in audio for a decade starting out as a freelance producer for PRI, DW and the BBC World Service. She developed feature podcasts for the London School of Economics based on award-winning research from the university’s top academics. She was also the co-founding executive producer of The Intelligence a daily podcast from The Economist. Cheryl was a New Voices Scholar in 2013. 
Patrick Jones - Course author

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