Managing Your Friends: From “Best Friends Who Love ____” to “The Creative Team Behind _______”

If you had your choice of co-workers, you’d probably choose your friends. But what happens when the work begins? Two founding members of Multitude (and engaged couple) Amanda McLoughlin and Eric Silver will show to how to detangle the relationships between creative work and friendship.

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Amanda McLoughlin & Eric Silver  

Amanda McLoughlin is the creator and CEO of Multitude. Multitude produces original shows, publishes free resources for podcasters, and helps clients of all sizes create, market, and grow great shows. She was named to the Forbes 30 Under 30 Media list in 2021, and continues to spend her days helping other creators make a living by making great stuff online.

Eric Silver is a writer, audio producer, game designer and teacher based in Brooklyn, NY. He is the Head of Creative at Multitude, an independent podcast collective, consultancy, and production studio based in New York City. He likes the fall, structuring podcasts, and being five minutes early.
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