Making Radio Ambulante

In this webinar, Host, Executive Producer and Creator, Daniel Alarcón takes us behind the scenes of Radio Ambulante, an NPR podcast that tells uniquely Latin American stories.

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Daniel Alarcón

Daniel Alarcón, host of Radio Ambulante, covers Latin America for The New Yorker. He’s the author of four books of fiction, including “The King is Always Above the People,” 2017 finalist for the National Book Award. He teaches at the Columbia University School of Journalism in New York. 2021 MacArthur Fellow. New Voices 2012.
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Camila Segura

Camila Segura has a PhD in Latin American literature from Columbia University and since 2012 has overseen the production of every season of Radio Ambulante. She has reported more than 15 stories and has edited more than 200. She lives in Bogotá. 
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