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Kyle Norris: Private Session (60 mins)

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Session Details

  • 60 minute mentorship session via Zoom
  • Kyle typically has availability on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday in Pacific Time. 
  • Sliding scale discounts available for BIPOC folks. Email soundpath@airmedia.org. 
Kyle is an experienced producer currently based in Seattle, WA. With a background in public radio, notably NPR, he is a great mentor to work with if you’re looking to strengthen your skills in voice-over work, writing for the ear, writing for your voice, moving from print to audio, and audio production. He can also help you find your next story and learn how to deepen your interviewing skills. Kyle is excited to work with those who are new to audio in any capacity; print journalists who want to learn audio; early to mid-level audio professionals; creative storytellers; and anyone who wants to make a podcast but doesn't know-how.

About Kyle

Kyle Norris (he/him) is a white and queer producer, reporter, and educator originally from Michigan, who now lives in Washington. Norris spent ten years as a host and arts & culture reporter with Michigan Radio, the state’s largest NPR affiliate. Known for his sound-rich style of storytelling and conversational, expressive tone. His work has appeared nationally on All Things Considered, Morning Edition, Marketplace, Here and Now, The Splendid Table, The Environment Report, and World Vision Report. Currently, he is working as an instructor for KUOW’s RadioActive program and as a senior producer with the independent podcast "Battle Tactics For Your Sexist Workplace." He co-created the independent podcast "Finding Fixes" that looks at solutions to the opioid epidemic in Snohomish County. And he was a field producer on the true-crime podcast, "Suspect," from Wondery and Campside Media. 
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Kyle Norris is a dream to work with. As a producer and editor, he's focused, kind, and clear. His heart and his head are evident in all the work he makes. He's a wonderful collaborator; he can effectively bounce around ideas and make them better, he can do responsive, positive edits on feature stories and podcasts, he can get excellent tape and interviews, and he can take your amorphous ideas and give them shape and clarity. And he can do all of this on deadline. I've worked with Kyle on two different projects now, and it's been delightful and instructive each time.
Jeannie Yandel, Special Projects Editor, KUOW
Kyle Norris is the real deal. I've heard a lot of voices in my 25 years in public radio. None is warmer, more expressive or more natural than Kyle's. He has this innate intimacy that invites the listener into a story in a totally welcoming way. That carries over into his interviewing. Kyle has such an ability to get the perfect quote that goes beyond the superficial. From government officials to kids in an art class, Kyle connects with the people he talks to, and that's a gateway for the audience to connect as well. When Kyle cuts that interview and writes around it, his connection shines through again. Every transition from script to tape feels so natural you hardly notice it, but it is really carefully crafted so that the focus is on the story, not on Kyle.
Sara Sarasohn, former NPR Arts & Culture Editor
Kyle has always had an original take, a fresh perspective, and a unique voice. These qualities are inherent to how he sees and engages with the world and the people around him, and it's a big part of the reason that his stories and interviews tend to feel so revelatory and I would even say, necessary. His is a voice I was always glad to hear when I turned on my radio while driving through southern Michigan. It's this voice—wise, sensitive, even reassuring—that we need to hear more from these days.
Holly Wren Spaulding, Writer & Poet