Introduction to Trauma-Informed Journalism

When we interview people about the most traumatic events of their lives, we can and often do trigger or retraumatize them, and many of us also absorb their intense emotional charge. Learn strategies for managing trauma in the context of journalism in this webinar from Maria Murriel.

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Meet the host

Maria Murriel

Maria Murriel is co-founder of Pizza Shark Productions, a podcast network and production house working toward radical inclusivity in media. She’s been a journalist for over a decade, covering the arts, politics and immigration, which brought her to trauma-informed journalism. As an immigrant, Maria experienced intense vicarious trauma in the field, and learned to recognize signs of trauma in her sources. Now, she’s studying clinical traumatology and bringing those lessons to journalism. Maria lives in New Orleans, where she works on storytelling as a healing practice. Read more about her at