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Everything You Need to Know About Hindenburg

In our first ever free class for AIR members, you'll learn how to create a podcast from start to finish using Hindenburg. In Part 2, you'll learn to master advanced techniques in editing, sound design and mixing in Hindenburg. 
This class is free for AIR members. Please log in to SoundPath to gain access. 
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Member Benefit

AIR members get an extended 3 month trial on Hindenburg and further discounts when you purchase. 

CLASS: Everything You Need to Know About Hindenburg

  • 3 hours of instruction
  • Live Q&A
  • Free for AIR members 
Produce a Podcast Beginning to End in Hindenburg or Using Hindenburg (1.5 hrs)
In this interactive class, you’ll learn how to edit a podcast from start to finish using Hindenburg. You will learn recording,editing,remote recording, cleaning up the audio and publishing to a hosting site. Then you will apply what you’ve learned in the activity where you will make a podcast of your own in this DAW made for spoken word.  
Advanced Editing Techniques in Hindenburg (1.5 hrs)
In this interactive class, you will expand on what was learned in the foundations class. This will include approaching the DAW as a storytelling tool using sound design and mark-up. You will also learn the hidden tricks for fast editing and best practices in using plug-ins. Go on a deep dive and learn to take your productions to the next level. 

Who is this class for?

This class provides students with a complete overview and training of the DAW Hindenburg. The second class builds on knowledge learned in previous class. Start off as a Hindenburg beginner and become an advanced learner in 3 hours of class time. 

Key takeaways

  • Complete podcast production process
  • Advanced editing and production skills in Hindenburg
  • Learn to do things you didn't know Hindenburg could do!
Meet the instructor

Jonathan Hurley

Jonathan Hurley was the Digital Production Specialist for the Perkins School for the Blind Studio where he managed all audio production for the Library of Congress. He has worked producing podcasts as well as sound design/original music. Currently he works for Hindenburg Audio training people in podcast and audiobook production presenting at conferences such as World Radio Day, Voice Over Atlanta, Voice Over Network and many others
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Meet our Partner


When Nick, a radio journalist, ran into his old friend Preben, a software engineer, while working on a community radio project in Africa in the late 00s, he shared his frustration with finding a suitable audio editing software. It needed to be simple, intuitive, reliable, affordable, but most importantly, it needed to meet the unique needs of audio storytellers.
A year later, back home in Copenhagen, Nick gave an early prototype to his colleagues at The Danish Broadcasting Corporation (DR), but instead of just testing it, they immediately started using it on broadcast projects. Hindenburg was born.
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