Crafting a Budget for Audio Drama

Budgets are not numbers. They’re stories about goals, production and processes. Planning makes it easier to cope with the unforeseen dramas in making a drama. This previously recorded webinar from Judith Kampfner, whose award-winning audio fiction work has appeared on the BBC and elsewhere, teaches you the ins and outs of audio fiction budgeting for podcasts and radio.

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About this recorded webinar

When it comes to making audio drama there are many variables to juggle. You can’t create a budget if you don’t know what kind of production you intend to make and you can’t make a professional production without a budget. It’s almost impossible to make a drama work financially unless you know where you want to prioritize and compromise. This webinar walks you through common decision points to help you plan your budget. 

In this webinar, we review some common considerations: Is your brand adapting out of copyright stories? Do you have a stable of actors who will work for a low fee to try new roles? Do you have access to a rising new writer? Will you rent a van and take cast and crew to a cheaper studio out of town?
The hardest part of balancing a budget is discipline. There are so many temptations that pull at you in service of the production. Of course, it would be great to have a known actor, commissioned music, a larger cast and to record ten takes of each scene, but if you abandon your budget boundaries, you’ll add anxiety and overspend. If however, you stick to them it will free up your creative decisions.

This webinar reviews strategies for front-loading the detailed financial decisions so that you and your team will have a more fruitful process and a profit to divide up or re-invest.

This event took place on Tuesday, May 18 at 2pm PT / 5pm ET
Meet the HOST

Judith Kampfner

Judith trained at the ABC in Sydney before becoming Executive Producer of Radio Drama and has written, directed, and produced audio plays for the BBC. In 2005 Judith created an independent company to produce for BBC Radio 3 and 4 with dedicated slots of 45 minute and one-hour dramas and series. Since then Judith's niche has been commissioning new American plays and recording them in New York. This work has led to a Sarah Award and 3 NY Festivals Gold awards for best drama and sound. Judith has worked with actors Rosamund Pike, Amy Morton, Tracy Letts and many others. Dramatizations include George Pelecanos’ (The Wire & Deuce) short stories and a 2018 production of Michael Cunningham’s The Hours that was released by BBC Audio/Random House. Judith also coaches creatives and helps develop and sell podcasts.
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