Making Your Show a Community Hub

Gender Reveal host Tuck Woodstock shares how he built a successful independent podcast by treating his show like a community organizing space. Topics include collaborating with your audience, growing your podcast on a shoestring budget, and creating grants & mutual aid programs.
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Key Takaways

  • Techniques for growing your audience (beyond paid ads or celebrity guests)
  • Turning passive listeners into a vibrant, active community 
  • Driving engagement through spin-off projects — on a shoestring budget

Tuck Woodstock

Tuck Woodstock is a journalist, educator, and audio producer based in Queens, NY. A co-founder of Sylveon Consulting, he has provided editorial guidance for clients including This American Life, Sony Pictures, Crooked Media, and KQED. Tuck also hosts the award-winning independent podcast Gender Reveal, which has released ten seasons and distributed upwards of $250,000 in grants and mutual aid. Tuck is a current SoundPath mentor and AIR New Voices mentor; he was also a 2019 Third Coast radio resident, and a Third Coast featured speaker in both 2019 and 2020.
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