WEBINAR - Thursday, April 25th 11am-12pm PT / 2-3pm ET

Pacific Content Presents

The Art of the Chase

Booking the best guests for your podcast means you need to find them first, then reach them, and land them – all before the next deadline. This search for the articulate, engaging, informed AND available perfect guest is a challenge we sometimes call “the chase.”

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Who is this webinar for?

This webinar is for podcasters or journalists who tell stories through interviews with guests, whether they be experts, politicians, celebs, or individuals with lived experiences to share.

About this webinar

  • Thursday, April 25th, 2024
  • 11am - 12pm PT / 2-3pm ET
  • 60 min 
  • Free for Everyone
  • This webinar is recorded and made available for AIR members and ticket holders after the recording. 
There is an art to finding the right guest for your podcast, whether the episode will feature one long-form interview, or clips from all sorts of perspectives in a narrative documentary. Sometimes you are looking to book a specific individual–someone who has lived a certain experience or a celebrity or author. Other times you need a type of guest, someone who can comment on a field of research, or tell a story about an historical event. Whatever sorts of guests your podcast needs, identifying them is just the first step. 
You need to track down contact information, make the right approach, maybe convince them why they should spend their time appearing on your show. And once you get in touch, you need to determine if they are actually the right person to inform, entertain and engage with your host and audience. 
It can be a bit like tracking an imaginary unicorn – great talker, super credentials, ads to the diversity of perspectives and lived experience you want in your inclusive podcast, maybe has a huge social following to spread word about the show, and of course available for the exact time and place where you need them to be. There aren’t always unicorns out there to be booked, but we have some tips and tricks to share on how to do it effectively and efficiently (and on deadline). It is a process we sometimes call “the chase,” but it is more of an art than a sport. In this session, you’ll hear some of the best learnings from Team Pacific Content’s combined experiences as podcasters and broadcasters. 

Key Takeaways

  • No one owes you their time, so booking a guest has to be a good experience for them as well as getting you what you need
  • Be polite, be persistent (but above all, be respectful)
  • Finding your perfect guest, even getting their contact information, is just half the challenge.


Karen Burgess

Karen is an audio journalist and longtime trainer, and Executive in Charge of Production, People and Culture at Pacific Content. Before coming to Pacific Content, Karen developed regional and national programming at the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, and led content teams producing everything from investigative news and live specials, to shows about economics and country music. She regularly trains executives, Showrunners and Producers on how to lead creative teams, and how to make successful and sustainable shows and content. Karen’s work has been recognized by the RTDNA, The Shorty awards, Tribeca X and AdWeek to name a few, and she once found herself on a business magazine’s list of BC’s Most Influential Women.
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