Making Proof from America’s Test Kitchen

How do you tell a compelling, reported narrative about food? From the host and the producer of Proof from America’s Test Kitchen: A webinar that pulls back the curtain on creating episodes for our award-winning podcast. 
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Key Takeaways

  • The questions our stories tackle don’t have easily Googleable answers.
  • Pre-reporting is key. 
  • Don’t be afraid to insert yourself into the narrative. 
  • Know the difference between a story for “All Things Considered” vs. a story for “This American Life.”
  • Embrace the power of the callback.
  • Understand the +/- and >< rule of every scene.

Who should take this webinar?

This webinar is open to reporters interested in becoming contributors to Proof. Experience writing longform audio narratives is not a prerequisite, but welcomed. Reporting experience required. Post-production experience not required. 

Kevin Pang

Kevin Pang is the host of Proof. He’s the Editorial Director of Digital at America’s Test Kitchen, and host of Hunger Pangs — a Chinese cooking series — on YouTube. He’s a winner of the James Beard Award, and director of “For Grace,” a documentary that premiered at South by Southwest 2015.
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Yumi Araki

Yumi Araki is the managing producer of podcasts at America’s Test Kitchen where she commissions and edits stories for Proof and helps out with the ATK Kid’s podcast, Mystery Recipe. She draws from her experience as a political reporter, documentarian, and TV host to help reporters tell dynamic, unexpected, and heartfelt stories for Proof.
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