CLASS Tuesday, October 3, 10 and 17, 3-5pm PT / 6-8pm ET


Staying Creatively Brave When Working with Brands

With nearly a decade of experience working with brands to create original podcasts, Pacific Content has mastered making a show that both achieves our clients’ business goals and delights listeners. This class reveals how we make podcasts for brands that you would actually want to listen to.
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About this class

  • Tuesday, October 3, 10 and 17th, 2023. 
  • 3-5PM PT / 6-8PM ET
  • Virtual
  • 3 x 2 hour classes
  • $335 AIR members 
    $385 non-members
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In this 3-part series, the Pacific Content team shares its secrets for making award-winning podcasts for brands that achieve our clients’ business goals, and delight our listeners.

Session 1: Why would a brand want a podcast? 
What exactly is a client thinking when they decide to make a podcast? When is a podcast a really good idea for a brand? What problems can podcasts solve for brands? In this session, we’ll also dive into how we communicate with our clients and share more about what we hear from our clients when we get started working with them. 

Session 2: How do we make a good podcast for a brand? 
In this session, we’ll explore the “how” of making a great podcast with a brand. How do we steer clients away from ideas that aren’t likely to succeed as a podcast (even if they might make sense in a traditional marketing environment)? How do we encourage them to be more “creatively brave” with their podcast? How do we come up with an idea for a podcast that will stand out and attract listeners? 
Session 3: Let’s put what you’ve learned to the test! 
During our final time together, we’ll facilitate put what you’ve learned to the test through a “brandstorming” session. We will provide scenarios for potential clients with specific problems that they would like to solve with a podcast, and put it to you to come up with the best podcast for their brand. This is an exercise we practice regularly at Pacific Content to keep our skills sharp, and we look forward to sharing with a broader group. 
At the end of this final session, we will invite one of our clients for a 20-minute Q&A session and invite students to ask questions.


All skill levels (including beginners) welcome! 

Who is this class for? 

  • Podcast Lovers
  • This class does not cover any  hard production skills in this session, so it’s probably a good idea for students to have that knowledge already.
Meet the instructors

Annalise Nielsen

Annalise is a podcast nerd and the Head of Strategy and Development at Pacific Content. Her passion for audio storytelling has driven her entire career. She fell in love with podcasting after producing a five-part podcast series as her Major Research Project for her MFA in Documentary Media, and she hasn’t looked back since. She previously worked for eOne’s Podcast Network, editing and producing shows, and later, developing marketing and business strategies. She then went on to work for Frequency Podcast Network, where she had experience producing podcasts (such as “The Gravy Train,” which quickly reached #1 on Apple Podcasts Canada), marketing podcasts, and strategizing how to continue growing the network.
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Meet the instructors

Karen Burgess

Karen is an audio journalist and longtime trainer, and Executive in Charge of Production, People and Culture at Pacific Content. Before coming to Pacific Content, Karen developed regional and national programming at the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, and led content teams producing everything from investigative news and live specials, to shows about economics and country music. She regularly trains executives, Showrunners and Producers on how to lead creative teams, and how to make successful and sustainable shows and content. Karen’s work has been recognized by the RTDNA, The Shorty awards, Tribeca X and AdWeek to name a few, and she once found herself on a business magazine’s list of BC’s Most Influential Women.
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Meet Our Partner

Pacific Content

People are the heart of everything we do. It's what brand partners are investing in when we work together. When a brand needs us to connect to consumers, our people find and tell the stories that emotionally connect; inform, entertain, and inspire.
A diversely talented group, our team brings decades of global experience, expertise and insight to the table. We’ve created some of the most successful, ambitious, and influential branded podcasts ever made.
Pacific Content is made up of veteran media professionals: experts in storytelling, audio production, podcast strategy, marketing, distribution and sound design. Our team loves to hear that our partner's “podcast meetings” are their favorite meetings of the week.
Bragging isn't in our DNA, but this is the team behind AdWeek's Branded Podcast of the Year 2022, Tribeca X's Best in Audio 2023, The Webby Awards 2023, Signal Awards 2022, and The Shorty Awards 2022. 
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