Live Class June 6th, 8th, and 10th, 2022 

Material Movements: Techniques for Sound-Driven Narrative

In this Intro to Sound Design class, Material Movements provides the technical skills to help translate sensation, emotion, and materiality, perspective, and movement into sound. We’ll look closely at complex, sound-rich narrative audio scenes as assembled in Reaper and Pro Tools and explore how to make the most out of existing plugins and tools within these audio workstations.

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About this class

  • 3 x 2 hour classes
  • Live instruction
  • 15 student cap
  • Classes meet Monday June 6, Wednesday June 8, Friday June 10  
  • 6 - 8pm CT
  • Students walk away with a  3-5 minute feature story
Sound is a material—like paper, clay, wood, or stone. It has its own physical qualities that can be manipulated and a multitude of ways it can be made to express sensation, emotion, space, and movement. Like any craft, a strong technical foundation expands what’s possible artistically. Material Movements is a hands-on, practice-based sound design course that builds upon the conceptual foundations of a previous Soundpath course, Bodies in Space: Sound Design for Expansive Worlds. Material Movements will crack open complex, sound-rich narrative work to reveal its mechanics: the processes by which sound comes to embody what we feel and see in the world. 
In this intro to sound design class, we will examine how a written or spoken narrative can tell us how to find a story’s sonic character, explore possibilities beyond simple scoring or literal application of field tape, and experiment with well-worn tools in search of unique sounds . Students will practice creating sensitive, layered, emotional tones that evoke inner worlds and building expansive environments that draw from the physical world. In-class listening, peer discussion, technical exercises, and creative challenges will help students build their artistic intuition and technical muscle as they find their own sound-design workflows. 
Meet the instructor

Ariana Martinez

Ariana Martinez (they/them) is a multimedia artist, sound designer, and radio documentarian. Ariana has created original work for broadcast on BBC Radio 4, BBC Radio 3, and WFMU. They have worked on long-form narrative audio projects for Magnificent Noise, Pineapple Street Studios, Bucket of Eels and Audible Originals. As an educator, Ariana has taught for the City University of New York, The Salt Institute for Documentary Study, and UnionDocs. Ariana’s multimedia artwork has appeared at the Barbican Cultural Centre, the Open City Documentary Festival, the Third Coast International Audio Festival (Chicago, IL), HearSay Festival, LUCIA Festival, and elsewhere.
Patrick Jones - Course author