WorkShop: Thursday, October 13 from 2 - 5pm PT / 5pm - 8pm ET / 9PM - 12AM GMT

Master Your Workflow: Organizing Large Audio Sessions For Working on Teams

In this three hour workshop sound designer Shani Aviram, will reveal the secrets to "Marie Kondo-ing" your workflow. You will learn how to stay on top of your audio files, how to prepare deliverables to share in a production team and how prep can save you hours of work down the line. 

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Sliding scale pricing may be available for this class. If you are an AIR member experiencing financial hardship, please contact to inquire about scholarship options. Eligible students may apply to The Podcasting Seriously Awards Fund for tuition reimbursement after the completion of the class. 
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About this class

  • Thursday, October 13 
  • 2 - 5pm PT / 5 - 8pm ET / 9pm - 12pm GMT
  • 3 hours
  • $290 AIR members 
    $335 Non-Member Price
    Payment plans available for all students
  • 15 students
In this 3 hour workshop, Sound Designer/Editor Shani Aviram will help you 'marie kondo' your storage drives and large podcast projects like a season of a show.  You will learn to accomplish more creatively, communicate better with your remote or local team and most importantly save a whole lot of your time down the line - which essentially helps you make money more efficiently. 
You will learn how to best manage your project files, how to prepare deliverables for the various team members of a production (sound engineer vs producer), how and where to store files so that you don’t get angry prompts from your DAW (‘this file is missing!!’).
Organizing your workspace well is the ninja move that can set you apart from other working professionals. 

Course Lessons


This workshop is great for working producers, and sound designers and engineers starting out in the industry looking to get organized and optimize workflow. 
Meet the instructor

Shani Aviram

Shani Aviram is a composer and sound designer currently based in Jerusalem, Israel. Her work moves between noise, sound collage, experimental and dance music, often exploring how digital processes can create uncanny textures from the human voice and percussion. Shani is a member of Philly|AV, an artist-led experimental multimedia collective based in Philadelphia. She also served as the Megapolis Audio Festival programming director from 2015-2018. Shani has worked in podcasting as a composer, sound designer, editor and producer since 2011. She was the composer and sound designer for The Heart's radio drama "Movies In Your Head' which won the Prix Italia Golden Award for New Radio Formats in 2015. She also sound designed episodes of the Heart's acclaimed "No" series which has been featured on Radiolab in 2018. In 2021 Shani sound designed the Audible Original ‘The Bering’ which was nominated for a 2022 Ambie Award in the category of Best Production and Sound Design. Other audio production credits include work for BBC, CBC, Google, Audible and AMC.
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