CLASS Monday, Oct 16, Oct 23, Oct 30, and Nov 6, 2023. 3:30pm - 5pm PT / 6:30pm - 8pm ET

Create Your Own Podcast Music with Ableton  Live

Learn how to use Ableton Live to create your own music for your podcast. Students will come away with at least one complete finished piece of music, as well as the knowledge and skills to make more. 

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About this class

  • Monday, Oct 16, Oct 23, Oct 30, and Nov 6, 2023.
  • 3:30pm- 5pm PT / 6:30pm-8pm ET
  • 90 min classes 
  • $335 AIR members 
    $385 non-members
    This class is sold out.
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Do you want unique music made just for your podcast? Are you scrolling through libraries, but not finding what you want? It’s time to make your own music!
Join audio producer and digital music maker Katie Semro for Music-Making Magic and learn to create your own music to use for your podcast intro, outro, ad music, music bed, or anything you like. Not only will you come away with a complete piece of music you’ve created yourself, you will have learned the skills needed to use Ableton Live to make even more original music.
No experience with music making or Ableton Live is necessary. We will start from the beginning and go through all of the steps necessary to create a piece of music: from coming up with a sound mood board, to choosing the instrumentation, to creating loops, to arranging the piece, all the way through to mixing your piece. And, if you don’t have a copy of Live, you can download a 90-day free trial.


This course is designed for people who have no or little experience with making music or with Ableton Live (or who want a refresher). There is no musical experience required to get the most out of this class. 

Key Takeaways

  • Everyone will come away with a piece of music to use on their podcast/in their piece
  • You will learn how to make more of your own music
  • Learn to create music that you won’t hear anywhere else (no more marimba!)
  • Create music that fits your piece/show exactly
Meet the instructor

Katie Semro

Katie Semro is an audio creator making music, audio art, and documentaries.
Semro’s audio art installation Trust me, I’m a Doctor was exhibited at Sound Scene Fest 2022 at the Smithsonian Hirshhorn Museum in Washington, D.C. Her motion-triggered audioscapes accompanied the exhibit What We Make of This World at the Fountain Street Gallery in Boston in April 2023. Her audio art performance piece Ebb & Flow, will be performed at Nova Arts in Keene, NH on June 23, 2023.
She has produced, edited, sound designed, and scored several audio documentaries. Her work has appeared on 41 radio stations across the country.
She also teaches people how to use Ableton Live and runs the online group Women with Live. She lives in Sharon, NH with her husband and two children.
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