CLASS - Wednesdays January 11 - February 15th, 2023 from 3:30 - 5pm PT / 6:30 - 8pm ET

Deadline to Enroll December 23, 2023.  

How to Make Audio Dramas

A lot of people love TV, novels, and movies but say they hate audio dramas. That's just because they haven't heard one catered to their taste! Write and produce a script that will delight audio fiction skeptics with guidance from veteran producer and YA author Hillary Frank, whose innovative show Here Lies Me landed on Best of 2021 lists. 
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About this class

  • Wednesdays, January 11 - February 15th, 2023
  • 3:30 - 5pm PT / 6:30 - 8pm ET 
  • 6 x 90 minute classes
  • $585 AIR members 
    $675 non-members
  • Small group class 
  • Deadline to Enroll is December 23, 2022. 
When Hillary Frank was scrolling through the podcast fiction charts, most of what she found was sci-fi or horror. A lot of the acting and sound effects felt oversized. With her series Here Lies Me, Hillary set out to write and produce a new kind of audio drama — something nuanced and realistic. The kind of show she liked to watch on TV. Through trial and error, Hillary developed writing, editing, directing, and production techniques designed to engage audio drama skeptics.
 In this class, she will share those tools with you as you write and produce the opening scene of your scripted show.

By the end of the six weeks you will have a 3-5 minute audio sample to add to your portfolio.

This course is perfect for people who love TV, film, and novels, but haven't yet been drawn to audio drama — and for audio drama lovers who want to up their creativity.

Key Takeaways

  • Write and produce the first scene of an audio drama
  • Format a script for audio, including dialogue, stage directions, scene transitions, and sound design
  • Tips on casting and directing
  • Strategies for sound effects, scoring, and mixing
Meet the instructor

Hillary Frank

Hillary Frank is the award-winning creator of The Longest Shortest Time, a podcast about the surprises and absurdities of raising other humans, and Here Lies Me, an audio drama about middle school. She has worked as a story editor on many projects, including Why Oh Why, Everything Is Alive, Rough Translation, The Truth, and 30 for 30’s Six Who Sat. Hillary is also the author and illustrator of Weird Parenting Wins and three young adult novels. Her first radio story was an unsolicited pitch to This American Life that she made using a microcassette answering machine and a shiny red boombox — which she hopes is proof to aspiring producers that with a little creativity, getting your foot in the door really is possible. (Yes, it is also proof that she’s been doing this stuff since olden times.)
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Who is this class for? 

Prior experience writing fiction is a plus but not a requirement. Students must be comfortable editing and assembling a multi-track audio session. The instructor will do demos in ProTools but students may use the DAW of their choice.

Course Lessons