CLASS FULL: Creative Approaches to Sound Designing Podcasts

In this multi-session class with composer and sound designer Shani Aviram (BBC's New Ways of Seeing, KCRW's Unfictional), you’ll learn how to use time, timbre and spatialization to build sound designs that incite feeling in radio and podcasting.
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About this class

  • Weekends Nov 13, 14, 20, 21
  • 9am PT / 12pm ET
  • 2 hrs
  • $255 AIR members /
    $310 non-members
  • 15 students
Open to all levels, but participants must be comfortable with and have access to a DAW (Digital Audio Workstation)
If you’ve ever watched a horror movie on mute, you know the importance of sound design and music in provoking feelings and emotions.Music and sound design is just as important for telling stories in podcasting and radio.

In this multi-session class with composer and sound designer Shani Aviram (BBC's New Ways of Seeing, KCRW's Unfictional), you’ll learn to listen deeply, analyze work by professional sound designers and experiment with time (beats, delay), timbre (echo) and spatialization (reverb and panning).

 You’ll explore how to use time to tell a story, how to edit acts and tracks to fit to music and how to use filters to turn a sound into something that fits within your design space.

Through assignments and feedback, Shani will give you the framework you need to sound design your own work and the confidence to experiment within your audio genre.

Class Overview

Meet the instructor

Shani Aviram

Shani Aviram is a composer and sound designer currently based in Jerusalem, Israel. Her work moves between noise, sound collage, experimental and dance music, often exploring how digital processes can create uncanny textures from the human voice and percussion.

Shani is a member of Philly|AV, an artist-led experimental multimedia collective based in Philadelphia. She also served as the Megapolis Audio Festival programming director from 2015-2018. Shani has worked in podcasting as a composer, sound designer, editor and producer since 2011. She was the composer and sound designer for The Heart's radio drama "Movies In Your Head' which won the Prix Italia Golden Award for New Radio Formats in 2015. She also sound designed episodes of the Heart's acclaimed "No" series (2018, featured on Radiolab) and in 2021 she sound designed The Bering, an audible original series produced by Campside Media about one of the most harrowing rescue missions the coast guard ever undertook.

Shani's audio production credits include work for BBC, CBC, Google, Audible and AMC amongst others. She currently works as a full time sound designer and audio editor for Haaretz, Israel's longest running newspaper.  
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