CLASS FULL: Behind the Mic: Channelling your Authentic Voice - Session II

Improve your voiceover work in this multi-session class with long-time public radio host Christina Shockley. Through hands on activities you’ll learn how to write authentically for the ear, format copy so it’s easy to read, and break bad habits in voicing.
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About this class

  • October 3, 10, 17, 24, 31 (Sundays) Note: If 10/31 (Halloween) is an issue for any students an alternative time/date may be set if all students are amenable.
  • 11:30am PT / 2:30pm ET
  • 90 min
  • $270 AIR members /
    $330 non-members
  • 15 students
Our voice is magical. And weird. We use it every day without thinking about it.  But then, when we hit “record” to voice a story or go live, we tend to freeze up. In this class you’ll develop a strong relationship with your voice to help you tell stories, interview, and voice effectively.  You’ll identify places where you struggle in your work and develop methods to counter bad habits. Through vulnerability and risk-taking, you will discover how to be your authentic self behind the mic.
We’ll practice writing for the ear and formatting copy so it’s easy to read. We’ll explore movement and vocal exercises that push you outside your comfort zone and help grow your confidence. We’ll focus on communicating in your authentic way, which means doing the hard work of figuring out who you really are. 
Meet the instructor

Christina Shockley

Nearly all of Christina's 23 years in public radio have put her behind the mic as Morning Edition or All Things Considered  host. She's also been a reporter and a producer. Christina has worked at Minnesota Public Radio and Milwaukee Public Radio, but has spent 18 combined years at Michigan Radio, where she got her start. As Michigan Radio's Chief Announcer, she air checks hosts and makes sure they have what they need to be top notch on the air. Her passion for teaching and mentoring has led her to consult stations across the country. She teaches writing for the ear, voice awareness and delivery, and helps managers solve various challenges that arise in - and near - newsrooms. Christina believes firmly that everyone has a true, authentic voice, and that atypical approaches and inner adventures lead to a full, honest delivery. 
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