CLASS Monday, SEPTEMBER 11, 18, 25 and October 2 from 4-6pm PT / 7-9pm ET


From Mic to Mastering, an Audio Engineers' Journey

From the award winning audio team at Pacific Content, this 4 part series will cover every step involved in making sure your podcast sounds great, from start to finish. Perfect for those hoping to learn to make better ear candy for their listeners. 

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About this class

  • Monday September 11, 18, 25th and October 2, 2023.
  • 4-6pm PT / 7 - 9pm ET
  • Virtual
  • 4 x 2 hour classes
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    $425 non-members
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  • This class is sold out.
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This 4 class series is designed to help podcast producers of any experience level improve the sonic quality of their project.

Topics covered include everything from pre-production and recording techniques for interviews and field tape to dialogue editing, music selection and implementation, sound effect usage, mixing, and mastering.
Participants will implement their new skills on an example project provided or their own work, with actionable feedback provided by the instructor.  

There is one homework assignment for this class which will receive direct feedback from the instructor. 


Students should have a basic knowledge of using a DAW (importing and exporting audio, basic editing and navigation). 

Who is this class for? 

  • Anyone with a working DAW (Audition, ProTools, Logic, Garage Band, Hindenburg, Audacity, etc..) who has a desire to improve the sound quality of their work would benefit from this class. 
  • Producers and sound designers that want to improve their mixing and engineering skills
Meet the instructors

Shawn Cole

Shawn has been working passionately with sound for over 20 years, seeing it as the perfect way to blend science and art. From mixing legendary anime series , to recording and producing albums from his studio in Vancouver, Shawn is singularly focused on ensuring that the auditory experience engages the listener and propels the story forward. His work has been recognized by the Western Canadian Music Awards, the Calgary Music Awards, and through Canadian Certified Gold and Platinum records. As the Head of Audio Design and Production at Pacific Content, his team has consistently been recognized with Ambies, Shorty’s, Webbies, and the first TribecaX award for audio. In his spare time Shawn enjoys spending time with his family, volunteering at an elementary school, and tinkering with robots.
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Meet the instructors

Kristie Chan

Kristie is a sound designer based in Vancouver, B.C. She got her start in dialogue editing with audiobooks, video games, and animation videos and has continued to expand into all aspects of sound design since then. Her notable works include sound design on the podcast Home. Made. for Rocket Mortgage, and extensive dialogue work on the VR game “Altdeus: Beyond Chronos”. 
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Meet the instructors

Robyn Edgar

Robyn is an experienced audio engineer and sound designer with a versatile skill set. Her work has been heard on both public radio and “wherever you get your podcasts”. She’s engineered for APM’s Marketplace in New York, mix engineered Spotify’s FOGO: Fear of Going Outside, sound designed and mixed the podcast Expectant, and sound designed a large variety of podcasts for Pacific Content. She’s a graduate of the SALT Institute for Documentary Studies.

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Meet Our Partner

Pacific Content

People are the heart of everything we do. It's what brand partners are investing in when we work together. When a brand needs us to connect to consumers, our people find and tell the stories that emotionally connect; inform, entertain, and inspire.
A diversely talented group, our team brings decades of global experience, expertise and insight to the table. We’ve created some of the most successful, ambitious, and influential branded podcasts ever made.
Pacific Content is made up of veteran media professionals: experts in storytelling, audio production, podcast strategy, marketing, distribution and sound design. Our team loves to hear that our partner's “podcast meetings” are their favorite meetings of the week.
Bragging isn't in our DNA, but this is the team behind AdWeek's Branded Podcast of the Year 2022, Tribeca X's Best in Audio 2023, The Webby Awards 2023, Signal Awards 2022, and The Shorty Awards 2022. 
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